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Detective Remy Ferguson Thriller Mystery Series

BOOK 1 Mystery of L'Inconnu - A sunny day at sea turns dark when vengeance comes for the rich and famous. Will Miami’s best detective stop this menace, or be the next victim?A luxury cruise on the super yacht L’Inconnu begins to tarnish when one glamorous guest after another visits the infirmary under unusual circumstances. An unexpected storm recedes with death in its wake. And when unimaginable terror strikes, the guests and crew must unite to take staggering action.Detective Remy Ferguson and his Miami Dade team are called to investigate a blood chilling multiple murder discovered on L’Inconnu, adrift at sea. Every trail of clues falls short of finding the killer. Was it a drug smuggling deal gone bad, retaliation on rich and privileged passengers, or a secretive force with unknown motivations?Ferguson can’t shake the feeling that something, or someone, relishes the torment of staying one step ahead of him. To catch the elusive criminal, he must confront a dark and twisted evil that threatens his own life.Mystery of L’Inconnu is the first in the Detective Remy Ferguson Thriller Mystery Series, a fast-paced novel of danger and suspense. Spine-tingling and unpredictable, the twists and shocking revelations are riveting to the very last page. If you love a darkly gripping psychological thriller where simmering secrets explode amid heart-pounding action, wait no longer – download or order your Kindle copy of Mystery of L’Inconnu today!

Shots ring out during an elite political fundraising dinner at a luxurious Miami estate held to support the mayor’s reelection campaign. Detective Remy Ferguson and his team race down a shadowy trail to catch the shooter, but it disappears in a web of conspiracies, betrayals, and murder.Remy lets his guard down with the mayor’s beautiful and intelligent campaign manager and does not want to believe evidence implicating her guilt. He also senses a familiar and manipulative presence at the heart of the intrigue. Could this indicate the resurfacing of the most sociopathic and lethal criminal mind in Miami’s history? Remy must close his eyes to the bright lights of Miami to peer into the dark underworld, which is swallowing innocent lives and must be stopped, even if it threatens the top echelons of power.Following the gripping and addictive Mystery of L’Inconnu, Book 1 of the Detective Remy Ferguson Thriller Mystery Series, Innocence Lost takes Miami’s best detective deep into the secretive swamp of the city’s powerbrokers and politicians. There, he recognizes an evil mastermind that has more than the city of Miami in its sights.Readers of detective thrillers, psychological thrillers, and political thrillers will be gripped from the first page to the last page in Book 2 of this explosive series! Book 3, Mass Infliction, is coming to readers in mid 2024.

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Stand-Alone Titles

Is he a victim, a suspect, or a target? Pursued by cops and his forgotten past, a doctor must solve his wife’s murder to save his own life. . .An African American psychologist wakes up on a bar room floor, after a beating by angry rednecks. Searching his aching head for answers, he realizes he has no idea who he is. Peril strikes and he is on the run for his life, with no time to figure it out.A high-speed car chase ensues through Knoxville, guns firing and police sirens wailing. Landing in a hospital waiting room, he glimpses a news report of a woman found murdered in her home. Her husband speaks into the microphone as his name scrolls across the bottom of the screen. It’s him!Dr. Markus Moore now knows his name but nothing about why he is part of a dangerous and murderous game. Keeping his memory loss private, he launches into a frantic search for the truth. To find the killer of his wife and the secret to his vanished identity, he risks everything - his vocation, his freedom, and his very life.Get ready for heart-pounding twists and turns in this thrilling page-turner. Buy today - readers of psychological, medical, and domestic thrillers will enjoy this gripping ride that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the shocking end!

M is for Dog show is a punny whodunit, a one-of-kind cozy/noir murder mystery – it’s a literary take on Naked Gun meets Best in Show!The shocking death of a champion contestant casts a shadow across one of New York City's most esteemed dog breed shows. Suspecting it’s a murder, lone wolf Detective Rex Douglass digs up dirt on the competition and discovers jealousies, deceipts, and tangled relationships beneath the show’s glossy veneer. A dognapping sends him on a chase down a dark alley, and fear for their fine furry friends spreads among the contestants.Navigating designer pets, poison, crime underworld, nosy news reporters, and two and four legged characters galore, can he count on canine collaborators to help collar the killer?This fast-paced novella by short story award winning author Dan Grylles will have you cheering for the dogs and laughing out loud!

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Writing Gripping Thriller Mysteries and Grin-Worthy Whodunnits!

Dan Grylles is an award winning short story author. At a young age he developed three lifelong passions - writing computer programs, writing music to play on his guitar, and reading mystery/crime novels. Later, lured by the intrigue of thriller mysteries, he followed the clues of his own life and began writing those too. Dan's professional background includes many years managing a pet sitting business which inspired his fun and quirky novella, M is for Dog Show. Contact: Dan@DanGrylles.com.

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Sample Dan’s writing style with this 2022 TCK Publishing Flash Fiction Honorable Mention -

Escaping the Wolves - Dan Grylles

Young Joey stumbled to the ground. The forest was dark and the moss around the base of the trees was slippery. Though out of breath, his fear forced him back up and to continue running. He could hear the howling of the wolves increasing. And coming closer.It was just supposed to be a simple game of hide and seek. Now it had become a game of run for your life. The creature had come upon him unexpectedly in the dark. It had just become second nature for Joey to have brought his multi-purpose switchblade, but he’d never thought he’d need to use it like he had this night. He clung to the tool-turned-weapon tightly, feeling the blood between his fingers.These past few years were some of the happiest he’d ever experienced. He’d been to this forest before, and had never encountered a wolf. As a younger child, he had felt protected by those around him, but danger had been lurking, growing over time. Dangers he wouldn’t have known were even there. The environment had changed.He had been using the stars to guide him back up to now. As he paused to gasp for air, he wondered, Which way? As he flipped on the tool’s tiny penlight, he made out a mark in one of the trees he had cut. Turn right here. Louder howling. He began running again.Joey didn’t remember going this deep into the forest. He’d been distracted by the fun they had been having, playing in the dark.For a moment he thought of the time a few years ago when he’d been lost in a department store, separated from his mother. Only after panicking and crying had a store clerk found him and brought him to his mother. Now he was a few years older, and he was crying this time also. But there was no one looking for him. And no one was going to find him. He wanted to go home. This excursion of joy had turned into a nightmare.Joey stopped again to catch his breath. His feet were cut and bleeding. Where are they? he asked himself. He gripped the knife tighter. Then he saw it through the canvas of heavy tree growth. Light from the fire. He turned and ran that direction. In a minute, he was out of the forest and in a clearing.He collapsed onto the ground, and several of the other young scouts saw him and ran over. The assistant den leader rushed up with them.“Joey, what happened?” the teenager asked. “Where are your shoes and your pants?”Half-naked, Joey lay crying and ashamed. He’d had to protect himself from the wolf in sheep’s clothing.The assistant leader looked around for the troop leader who had left with Joey.“Joey, where’s Mr. Harrington?”Joey lifted up the pocketknife in his bloody hand.“Joey, what did you do?”Wolves howled.Mr. Harrington is gone, Joey thought. The wolves will find him.